U.S. Postal Service planning to cut some Saturday delivery

The old adage from the U.S. Postal Service is "neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow or dark of night." But now the postal service has announced that customers won't see some mail delivered on Saturdays starting later this year.

It's something you're used to seeing, mail trucks in your neighborhood and mail carriers walking up to your mailbox. It's been like clock work six days a week for as long as many can remember. But beginning in August, those mail trucks and mail carriers are going to disappear as the postal service says its doing away with first class mail delivery on Saturdays.

"Yes we will not be delivering letter mail on Saturday, however letter mail has been for several years now decreasing in volume while package volume has been increasing. And so there shouldn't be greater volume for the carriers and that would not increase in a greater workload," USPS Communications Manager Valerie Welsch, who is based in St. Louis, said.

The Postmaster General said that eliminating Saturday first-class service could save two-billion dollars annually. The move is just the latest in a number of steps by Postal Service to stem significant financial loses. Numerous small-town post offices and distribution centers, like the one in Quincy, are now closed.

Views of the cuts are mixed. Some say it should have gone away years ago. Others say Saturday delivery needs to stay.

"My initial reaction is I don't think it will be a major impact in my lifestyle either business or personal, receiving mail one less day a week I don't believe it will be a big impact for me," Quincy resident Rick Zaerr said.

Another customer at the Quincy post office had a different opinion when she heard about the change. "Our mail increases every Monday and I notice a lot of time our delivery person is running late because he is overloaded making up for what we didn't get over the weekend. So I'm afraid this might have an affect on that," Janet Aden said.

The postal service also said it will continue to have window service and package delivery on Saturday.

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