U.S. House considers Amtrak funding future

Budget cuts at the national level could be having a far reaching affect across the U-S.

One of the proposed budget cuts by the U-S house transportation committee is to cut a portion of Amtrak funding.

T he cuts would affect trains that run routes within a state.

Trains like the Illinois Zephyr and Carl Sandburg that run between Quincy and Chicag o.

We spoke with Quincy Mayor John Spring and he says he thinks it would be narrow minded to cut funding for trains like the ones that run through Western Illinois.

"I think for the business traveler and for other's, the train is the way to travel. Especially with gas prices the way they are," said Spring.

We also asked for a comment from Illinois Congressman Bobby Schilling.

This is the e-mailed reply we got from them when we asked about this proposal that is in the house committee.

"While Amtrak is a very helpful mode of transportation, Rep. Schilling strongly believes that all federal spending must be prioritized and appropriately paid out. At a time when we are borrowing 42 cents on the dollar, we must ensure that badly-needed infrastructure improvement projects like the I-74 bridge, for example, are not pushed to the side. Rep. Schilling will closely examine this legislation as it moves through Congress to ensure he votes in the best interest of the residents of the 17th Congressional District, keeping in mind our country's current fiscal environment as well."

Meanwhile, Mayor Spring says he will lobby to keep the funding for the train service and he also says the number of boardings at stops in Quincy and Macomb have climbed over the years.