U.S. congressman campaigns for Quincy mayoral candidate

Schock and Moore mingle at Spring Lake Country Club in Quincy

A man who could be Illinois' next governor came to Quincy Wednesday.

Republican Congressman

Aaron Schock

spent the afternoon at Spring Lake Country Club campaigning for Quincy councilman Kyle Moore.

Moore is running for Quincy mayor on the Republican ticket.

Last week, Schock told

Chicago media

he's considering a run for Illinois governor in 2014.

KHQA asked him about that announcement.

"I've been very outspoken that we need a change in leadership in the state," U.S. Representative for the 18th congressional district. Aaron Schock said. "I come back from D.C. every weekend, and I'm in shock over the lack of leadership in Springfield. We continue to go down the road of not dealing with pension reform. Not dealing with a lot of the cuts that need to happen in state government."

You can find Schock's entire interview by

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