U.S. Cellular customers complain of service problems

Some local cell phone users are waking up without service Tuesday morning.

Many U.S. Cellular customers are contacting our newsroom, saying they can't make calls or get service to their phones.

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for a service outage map from It shows most of the Tri-States in a service problem area as of Tuesday morning.

This is the second reported widespread outage in two weeks.

Previous problems stemmed from tower issues.

No word yet from U.S. Cellular on the reasons for this latest round of technical problems.


Original Story: Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some U.S. Cellular customers in Western Illinois are voicing their frustrations online about a widespread service outage Tuesday night.

The outage affects people in multiple zip codes.

You can view a map of FCC registered cell phone towers in the Quincy area



U.S. Cellular representatives released this statement Wednesday morning: "We apologize for the inconvenience and are continuing to work as fast as we can to restore service. Weâ??ll share more information as soon as itâ??s available."

However, earlier in the day, a service representative on the company's Facebook page did tell customers the Quincy area was experiencing several tower issues.

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to read from the company's Facebook page.

Those outages caused quite the inconvenience for some, but it can become a real danger to those without a landline, especially during an emergency.

"If the cell phone can roam, then you can call 911 and use your cell phone on another network, and usually the cell phone indicates it's roaming. But if the outage is such that your cell phone doesn't roam and it's still attached to the network and that cellular network is having a problem, then you're going to have difficulty making all calls, including 911," Steve Rowlands, director of the Adams County 911 Center in Quincy said.

Rowlands says landlines are beginning to take precedence over cell phones in similar situations.

"Landline phones work in power outages. Obviously a cordless phone needs power, but one that's plugged into the wall generally works during a power outage. It's old technology but it's always there and probably very reliable."

Rowlands says it's important to have a landline if you're someone with a medical issue.