Update your car without busting your budget

Installing a new car stereo can bring your car right up to date with the latest technology.

Smartphones have the latest technology including Bluetooth, which can connect to your car, but just because your vehicle model is a little more dated then you phone doesn't mean you can't utilize the feature.

"Well $160 for a new radio that gives you the ability to do that is a whole lot more affordable then spending $16,000 on a new car or a used trade in or $60,000 on a new one," Paulie Wayman, Armadillon Audio manager, said.

Installing a new car stereo can bring your car right up to date with the latest technology.

Once the stereo is installed, it's as easy as pushing a button to get it started.

"We can just select what source we want on the stereo and connect to our Bluetooth devices that way," Wayman said.

Then just push the Bluetooth button on your phone and you're connected.

"Literally I hop in my car, turn on my Bluetooth, then I'm good to to," Armadillon Audio employee Eric Grawe said. "I got the music that's on my phone if anybody calls me I got instant access, hand free. I'm not getting a ticket this time."

If you're not interested in paying for a whole new stereo, you can still upgrade your car using these gadgets.

"Well we've got the regular ear piece, you've seen everyone walking around with it, real semi-cheap," Grawe said. "If you're not wanting to do the whole stereo thing we have a little speaker phone. Just sync it up with Bluetooth and put it on your visor."

Upgrading your car to the latest technology can be fun, but it's important for the safety features, too.

"We see more and more problems with people getting in trouble by using this technology like talking while they're driving or texting while they're driving," Wayman said. "So the safety factor is really the most important thing."

So now you can keep up with Jones' and stay safe in the car, without breaking the bank.

Staying safe while driving is important. Here at KHQA we are in our second year of the Just Let It Ring Campaign. Click here to take our pledge to not text and drive.