Update: Quincy welcomes new Salvation Army leaders

Updated: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 The Quincy Salvation Army's new leaders received a warm welcoming Tuesday afternoon. Dozens of people attended a meet and great luncheon at the Salvation Army Headquarters.

Majors Dan and Dorene Jennings have officially taken over in Quincy. Working alongside them will be the Kroc Center's new Operations Director Chad Rogers.

Rogers says right now, he's working on getting job descriptions approved before resumes start coming in.

"We're looking to have a job fair for specific jobs so the people of Quincy can come through and get their resumes in and see what the facility's about. We plan on doing that sometime in the summer," said Rogers.

The completion of the Kroc Center is expected by August 16th. A week-long grand opening celebration should occur mid-September.


Sunday, February 6, 2011 The Quincy Salvation Army welcomed two new leaders Sunday.

Majors Dan and Dorene Jennings took the spotlight at a special luncheon held in their honor. We met up with them afterward for a look into what we can expect for the organizations future, including our latest sneak peak at the new Kroc Center.

"We're just very grateful and thankful for the Wurtz's and the work they've done to get us to this point, and now we pick up where they left off and launch the new Kroc Center," said Major Dan Jennings.

Jennings says the Kroc Center will create a huge economic boost for the area...adding more than 100 employees to the center, which is expected to open this fall.

"What's really taken shape, visible shape is the pool. The pool's going in and the water park's going in and it's fantastic to see the hole in the ground is now being filled with all this plumbing and piping."

Jennings says with all the excitement focused on the Kroc Center, the organization can't forget about one location already open to the public, Quincy's homeless shelter.

"We're under massive renovations there as well. So while this project is fantastic and moving forward, we can't forget the central focus and mission of the Salvation Army, and that's to take care of the needy and our community."

The Kroc Center's expected to open this Fall.