Update: Gifts for her this Valentine's Day

Updated: February 13, 2011, Valentine's Day is Monday. And if you still haven't gotten your sweetheart something, there's still time.

We took a ride along with a local florist here in Quincy. It along with many other florists and gift shops stayed open Sunday to help manage the last minute love orders.

"With the holiday tomorrow, we're just trying to accommodate everybody we can and get deliveries out to the people that are having to work on Sunday," said Ericson. "Tomorrow's by far going to be the heaviest day. We'll have four drivers tomorrow and a full day doing that. They'll be able to fill people's needs and that's what's important."

"Sometimes, the guys come in and they don't have a clue as to what they want, They just need something to take to their loved one, so we've got a wide variety we can offer them, from roses to bouquets to blooming plants. So before they leave, they'll find something that's just right. We'll go anywhere we need to make the deilveries. A lot of times, people are working, so we'll so we'll go to hospitals and manufacturers. There's always a lot of women working there so we'll make several trips tomorrow I'm sure," said Ericson.

Ericson says his shop will, of course, be open for business on Valentine's Day, during which time, he says most of the men and phone calls will come in.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- candy...If nothing comes to mind from those words, you probably should know Valentine's Day is Monday. And while it's the most recognized "last minute" holiday, many businesses are already gearing up for the Sunday rush.

If you're not sure what to get your special someone, you're in luck. We scouted out the most popular items around town.


"We're getting our fresh cut flowers in. We're going through the process of cutting them and getting them in water before the Valentine's holiday," said Mike Ericson.

While you can choose from a variety of bouquets and plants, one flower has continued to blossom.

"Roses still are number one on Valentine's Day," said Ericson.

But if flowers aren't your thing, there's always more to choose from.

"We have balloons, candy and cards, but flowers are number one," said Ericson. "We can do anything from ten dollars up, to an average of 40-60 dollars. But you can also do a long-stemmed red rose, which can be less than ten dollars."

Looking for something outside of the norm? Personalize your gift.

Candy, Cards and Collectibles

"We allow our customers to come in and pick out their favorite chocolates, so you don't just have a box of assorted chocolates. If you're favorite is pecan dainties or dark chocolate creams, we'll specifically make that box just up for you so it fits your taste," said Katie Greufe, an assistant manager to Kirlin's in the Quincy Mall.

If not candy, then how about a DaVinci bracelet you can add onto through the years? Or a Willow Tree Angel? If you don't mind a little baggage in your relationship, she'll love a Vera Bradley purse and wallet.

"It's one of their favorite things to shop for," said Greufe.

And of course, you can never go wrong with jewelry.


"We hope to do the complete sets at the start, but also we may start with a necklace and then come back to match it up," said Bruce Gardner with Emerald City Jewelers in Quincy.

"Are the guys usually clueless or do they know what they want? 'Oh, both. (laughs) Our last minute shoppers will usually ask for a heart shaped necklace and say wrap it up. While others are smart shoppers and know coming into it.'"

Jewelers have specials going on throughout the week. For instance, Emerald City Jewelers has a special where you spend $99 and get a long-stemmed rose, a box of chocolates and a Friday's 'buy one meal get one free' coupon.


Hungry for love? You can find many restaurants in town offering special deals as well, even in emails and Facebook ads.

For example, if you're a Stripes member with TGI Fridays, you more than likely will get an email for a free desert.