United Way and you: Helping with storm clean up efforts

Just about everyone in Quincy had a tree or a branch down in their yard following the recent wind storm.

It's been over a week since straight line winds hit the Quincy area and caused major damage to trees and homes.

Many of us still have tree limbs to cut up and haul off.

It's a big job, and many people can't do it by themselves.

We all know how much effort and money clean up entails. We were all hit hard.

The United Way has received requests for assistance from 20 individuals who need help clearing storm debris from around their homes.

These are individuals who are physically unable to do this work and would truly appreciate help in getting the limbs, etc. to the curb.

The United Way is looking for volunteers who can bring chain saws and help move cut-up fallen trees.

They say the work can be done whenever the volunteer groups want, whether it's during the day, after work or on the weekend.

At Kim Straube's in Quincy house was taken care of after she made a call to the Adams County United Way helpline asking for volunteers to help her remove downed tree branches and limbs from her backyard.

"A lot of this I couldn't have done by myself. I needed a chain saw, so without them I would probably be into the fall before I got it all cleaned up." said Straube.

But within a matter of a about an hour, with chainsaws buzzing, people with yard rakes and hauling away the debris, her yard looked a lot different.

Claire Robinson is with the Adams County United Way and she said, "We do still have people signing up for help. We think there are a lot of people out there that are still going to need our help and se we do need volunteers and they can call 224-1223, which is the United Way help line and we'll sign them up."

And for David Hawkins who was one of the volunteers and the rest of the volunteer crew from Salem Evangelical United Church of Christ, "There are people in need and beyond their resources to get the job completed."

If you or a group you're involved with can help, please visit the United Way office at 936 Broadway St. in Quincy. They will need you to register so they can match you with a location and get necessary waivers and releases signed. Also, should the city be eligible for federal reimbursement for storm cleanup, these hours registered would apply.

The office is open from 8 to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you cannot make it in during these hours, they can also set up a volunteer registration by appointment, so contact the office at 224-1223.