Underwater therapy for your pet

Pilot is a show dog and client at the clinic.

There's a new rehabilitation area at Klingele Veterinary Clinic in Quincy.

"We have more and more people who are willing to do more for their pets as far as pain management. They don't want to do any pharmaceutical medication due to side effects, so this is a very low impact to keep you animal fit healthy and pain-free," Jenna Steinkamp, a certified therapy trainer at the clinic said.

Klingele's new room features a water treadmill, dry treadmill, therapeutic laser, physioballs and other exercise equipment. Chiropractic and Acupuncture services are also available.

Pilot is a show dog and client at the clinic. Steinkamp works with him routinely to improve his balance and strength. Most sessions include the newest addition to the therapy room, an underwater treadmill.

"The dog gets in it and the water comes up to the hip and the dog will walk forward. Benefits of underwater treadmill therapy are increased muscle mass, decreased pain, increased endurance and improved cardio fitness," Steinkamp said.