Undercover drug sweep in Hannibal nabs 21 people

A recent undercover drug sweep in Hannibal Missouri has resulted in the arrest of 21 people and more arrests are pending.

Hannibal Police Chief Lyndell Davis made the announcement of the arrests during a news conference on Monday morning.

The people arrested range in age from 18 to 53 and there was a variety of drugs that undercover officers encountered and confiscated. The drugs include, marijuana, LSD, crack cocaine, mushrooms and heroin. Click here to look at the arrest photos.

"But it's increase is definitely on the rise and it's a great concern of ours. you can see in some of the arrests there, that heroin is one of the main drugs that we took them in for," Chief Davis said.

The chief also said that a big majority of the drugs coming to Hannibal are coming from bigger metropolitan areas like St. Louis, Columbia and Kansas City.

He added that his officers are making sure they stay on top of what's going on in America's Hometown.

"I've found that, that when these things get left unchecked, you'll see a rise in violent crime. like I said earlier, everything from robbery, to home invasion, assaults. Everything in general. Even leaving the scene of an accident are often related to these types of things," Davis said.

Davis also wanted to remind the public that his officers will be vigilant in making more cases against those people who continue to sell illegal drugs in Hannibal and he wants to make sure dealers are getting the message.

The Hannibal Police Department's last major drug bust happened last July.

Officers arrested 15 people in that sweep.