Two students still in the hospital after school bus rollover

Here's an update on that school bus crash that happened last week in Lewis County, Missouri.

Only two students are left in the hospital.

Natali Allensworth and Gavin Meyer are both in St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Allensworth is in satisfactory condition.

Meyer is in good condition.

Steve Felde with Blessing Hospital told KHQA there are no more Lewis County bus crash victims in Blessing Hospital.

The crash occurred near the intersection of Highway C and Juniper west of LaGrange.

According to Sgt. Brent Bernhardt with the Missouri Highway Patrol, the bus ran off the south side of the road, then swerved across and ran off the the north side of the road. The bus then crossed over to the south side of the road for a second time where it went out of control and flipped over into a ditch.

Stay with us for updates and new information is released.