Two PHS students are in Washington D.C, when government shuts down

Two students from Palmyra High School got a lesson on how the federal government works.

They were in Washington D.C. earlier this week when the government shut down.

For senior Madaline Hamilton and junior Makayla Nutt it was the first time to visit our nation's capital. It was part of the national conference for the Family Career and Community Leaders of America, a high school organization that has members all across the U.S. But after just a couple of days in Washington, all of the students there got an quick lesson on the government shutdown.

"They blocked off all of the memorials. They shut down a lot of the buildings like the Smithsonian. So we didn't get to do any of that we were planning on doing. We also saw protesting of people who's jobs were affected by the government shutdown," Hamilton said.

Both of the girls didn't expect any of this to happen. But they also think it's a part of history they will never forget. In fact, for Makayla, she pointed out that she wasn't even born yet when the last shutdown happened in the mid 90s Makayla said you could tell a difference in D.C. when the buildings closed and the government shutdown.

And like when we went on tours, like you could tell everyone was on tours. But when it was closed down, I remember trying to get into the senate with our senator, we had to go in there because he wanted us to come to him when he was delayed. It was crazy, no one knew what was going on. Like security sent us up to the first floor, and back down to the 3rd floor and back up to the 1st floor again," Nutt said.

For both of them, they say it was something they will never forget. And they both say it's something that will push them more into studying the fine points of government, political parties and negotiations.