Two officers share award for being police officer of the year

For the first time in its 46-year history, the Quincy Exchange Club's Law Enforcement Officer of the year was awarded to two officers.

Adams County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Joe Lohmeyer and Quincy Police Department officer Tom Miller were named officers of the year for their role in a chase, stand off and arrest of a suspect last June near Quincy.

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Benjamin Biggs shot at Miller during a traffic stop near the Quincy Regional Airport. Biggs shot Lohmeyer later that day when police tried to take him into custody at a farm house near Kingston.

Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley cited both men's valor and courage during the incident


The Exchange Club's also awarded its Citizen of the Year honor Friday to Kyle Dixon, an Adams County paramedic and Tri-Township Fire Department firefighter.

The calls from Dixon's cell phone

during the same June 29, 2011 incident
that alerted police to the Chevy Suburban that was stolen from Quincy. This eventually led to the chase and shootout with Biggs.