Two held in mysterious Madison, Mo. shooting

Two people are being held in the Randolph County jail in connection with a mysterious death in the small Monroe County town of Madison.

Jason Lage, 32, is charged with tampering with physical evidence in a felony prosecution and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Jessica Munoz, 29, is charged with hindering prosecution of a felony.

Their charges stem from a Missouri Highway Patrol investigation into the death of 26-year-old Zachary Dawson who was found shot to death Feb. 19.

Munoz contacted 911 that day and told the dispatcher that Dawson shot himself, according to court documents. She also told investigators that she and Dawson were alone at the house when he shot himself. She was in the bathroom.

Munoz eventually told police that Lage was also there when Dawson died.

Lage later admitted that he was at the house when Dawson shot himself and that he took several items that belonged to Dawson from his house, according to his statement to investigators. He told the investigators that he took the items because he didnâ??t want it known that he was there when Dawson died.

He also told investigators that he persuaded Munoz to lie about who was at the house when Dawson died.

In a court hearing held Tuesday, Missouri Highway Patrol investigator Amanda Sapp testified that the location of the gunshot entry wound on the back left part of Dawsonâ??s head wasnâ??t consistent with suicide, according to a report in the Moberly Monitor.

The Missouri Highway Patrol hasnâ??t commented in the ongoing death investigation.

Both are being held in the Randolph County Jail. Lageâ??s bond is set at $40,000. Munozâ??s is $25,000. Munoz is due back in court May 1. Lageâ??s attorney was granted a change of venue. The matter is now before the Office of State Courts Administrator to decide where the trial will be held.