Two girls with cochlear implants meet for the first time

Two young girls who live a world apart met for the first time in Quincy this past week.

KHQA's Rajah Maples shows you how they found each other and what brought them together.

Makenna Lohmeyer lives in Quincy. Hana Hollowell lives in Japan, but her grandmother lives in Quincy. Both girls have cochlear implants. Ellen Waters has worked for 38 years as a speech-language pathologist. After working with Makenna, Waters decided to tell her story by writing this children's book titled, Makenna's Magic Ear. It's about cochlear implants and how they work.

Waters said, "A child with cochlear implants has as its purpose to learn to speak and work with a regular population. Therefore, Makenna was going to have to learn in the regular population and those regular teachers needed to know more about what this was all about."

Quincy native Jason Hollowell is Hana's father. His mother found an ad for the book in a national speech & hearing magazine. That's when she discovered the author was from the area.

Hollowell said, "It's exciting. We weren't aware of any cochlear implant recipients in Quincy until my mom came across the book. I think it's one of the many alternatives for children with profound hearing loss."

Lohmeyer and Hollowell met for the first time this past week at Madison park. Jason Hollowell was visiting his family in Quincy and decided to plan a play date between the two girls.

Waters said, "this is very exciting to think that writing the book would have as an outcome Makenna and Hana being able to meet each other."

You can find Makenna's Magic Ear at Great Debate Books, and Amazon.