Two bodies found in Maywood, Mo. home

Two deaths discovered at 560 Highway A on Sunday afternoon

Two people are dead from a murder-suicide in Maywood, Missouri.

The Marion County Sheriff's Department confirmed the deceased were David Lavingon, age 67, and his wife Kathy, age 59.

Police went to the home, at 560 Highway A, near Maywood Sunday afternoon, after two friends said they found the couples' bodies. The friends told deputies that they hadn't heard from them since Christmas night and went to the home to check on them.

The Lavingons were found in bed with gunshot wounds to their chests.

"It was apparent they'd been deceased for several days," Sheriff Jimmy Shinn said. "The scene was very clean. No signs of struggles, no sign of a fight. No type of forced entry into the residence."

Autopsy results confirmed David used a handgun and shot his wife, before turning the gun on himself. They were the only two living at the home.

Police are searching for a motive.

"We've been looking into their background. Very good people. No type of history. Been married for years. We just don't know of any type of motive at this point in time," Shinn said.

The couple lived in a home called â??Golden Pond.â?? The large property sits adjacent to a lake and has two separate residences.

Shinn says the Lavingons had some relatives close by but most live in Illinois. The couple had one daughter.

The home has since been turned over to the family.