Twain on Main a big hit

Twain on Main returned to downtown Hannibal for Memorial Day weekend.

The event drew in large crowds and three blocks of vendors and artists.

"Oh to get it going again has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears but it's been all worth it. The shop owners downtown have been really supportive, the Hannibal Conventions and Visitors Bureau has been behind us 100%, everybody just picked up the ball and we all ran with it so it really paid off," Erik Spence, the event's coordinator said.

Spence said he's heard how much springtime events in Hannibal have been missed the past couple years and is glad to give vendors a way to display their arts and goods.

"The vendor turnout, the visitor turn out this Memorial Day Weekend to Hannibal has been outstanding," Spence said.

Twain on Main honored Mark Twain and his literary works by bringing in over 50 artists and vendors to downtown Hannibal. The festival even drew some first time visitors.

"We heard this was going on and we just thought we'd stop by," Dustin Wheler, a visitor to downtown Hannibal said. "We'd never been to Hannibal before."

Wheler doesn't regret his decision to spend the day there.

"This is a lot of fun down here," Wheler said.

Visitors could sample some local cuisine, shop for hand crafted goods, and even get some souvenirs for the day. One visitor was more than happy with his purchases.

"Yesterday I came down here to Designers Edge on the corner of Broadway and Main and bought a painting similar to this to take home. As I walked down here through the crowd I could have sold that thing four times," Jim Cafer, and out of town visitor said. He carried his new painting down the street to see if he got the same reaction.

Overall the return of Twain on Main seemed to be a success.

If you did not get a chance to register or visit this year's festivities, visit their website for more information.