Turtle Lake area residents know they will have to eventually move

An eviction battle continues in the Turtle Lake area south of Quincy.

The people who are being evicted from their homes were in court on Wednesday filing motions in regards to the eviction notice that was served on them last November.

Bob Spillman and several of his neighbors currently lease the ground they're living on and have built permanent structures including homes and garages over the years. But now the property owner wants them gone. Last November, she gave them 30 days to move out.

"We're talking permanent residences that have been there for years. We need to disassemble, relocate in an orderly fashion that is doable. And moreover we're not dealing with people with lots of money here. It's going to take time for them to move their mobile homes. To disassemble their residences and find a place to live," RaNae Dunham Inghram, the attorney for the residents said.

She said they just want to start a dialogue with Cleatis Langan and her family over when these people will be moved out for good.

"It's an argument in what we call equity, basically the result here is very unfair. They have built permanent structures for years. Fifty, maybe even sixty years on the premises and asking them to leave in 30 days in such a short time frame is very unfair and does not give them the chance to disassemble their residences and to relocate them in the proper fashion," Inghram said.

Inghram also said the lease terms never defined a length of time the long time residents could live in Turtle Lake. She hopes the issue will be resolved through negotiating a settlement and not reach a point where a judge will decide the final outcome.

All parties involved in the legal dispute are due back in court on June 5th.

The hearing will decide if the case will continue or if a settlement has been reached.