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      Turn you tween over to the library

      How many times did you and your kids visit the library last year? Since your last visit there's been a change.

      "Libraries are becoming a community space it's not just about books and going to the reference library and getting a question answered," Ruth Cuthbertson, the Quincy Public Library's marketing and events coordinator said. "We have a lot of programs here that people come in here as a community to do."

      One of the library's newest program is The Your Library series.

      "One of the things the library wanted to do was to focus on populations that may not have been served with our previous programs," Cuthbertson said. "We're doing a lot of crafts and story time for the younger children but we really didn't have anything geared toward the fourth, fifth and sixth graders. So we thought this was a great opportunity to have a program for them."

      Children's Programmer, Natascha Will is the creator of the new series.

      "I kind of had to think back to when I was in fourth and sixth grade and I had to ask, "What did you do when your came to the library?'" Will said. "When I saw the popularity of the Wii I thought, 'Why not have Wii for fourth through sixth graders?''

      Think gaming isn't educational? Think again.

      'Video games have been shown in scientific research to improve hand, eye coordination and to build skills in math and science," Cuthbertson said.

      Other parts of the series include creating experiments like how to make your own bouncy ball, playing Jenga with a twist and reading with a dog.

      Will's idea behind this series is to educate the kids but she all wants one more thing.

      "When they say what's a fun thing or what they really like to do, I really want the library to be clumped into that, not just going to the Kroc Center or the YMCA or playing basketball," Will said.

      The Your Library series will kick off the first Thursday of each month.