Tuition freeze at Culver Stockton College

The following is a news release from Culver Stockton College in Canton, Missouri:

The Culver-Stockton Board of Trustees has agreed to freeze tuition for the second consecutive year.

The announcement follows the fall board meeting at which trustees voted to approve a one-year freeze of tuition at the rate of $22,250.

Annual student fee charges will also remain at the current rate of $300.

This marks the third consecutive academic year that tuition and fees have remained at these levels.

The board, however, did approve a $200 total increase for room and board rates in response to rising food and energy costs.

The change brings room costs to $3,400 and boarding costs to $4,200.

Culver-Stockton President Richard Valentine says the modest increase in room and board rates comes at a time when many schools are increasing student enrollment costs on all levels.

At Culver-Stockton our goal is to provide students of promise with a quality education, at an affordable price. The college recognizes that many students and their families are still recovering from the financial setbacks that have plagued this country during the past two years. And, while many institutions of higher learning have chosen to increase student expenses on all levels, our board, after careful consideration, has decided to freeze tuition and fees and enact only a modest increase in room and board rates, said President Valentine. We want our students and their families to know that we share their financial concerns. We believe that an investment in the private, liberal arts education offered at Culver-Stockton is an investment in the future; and we will continue to monitor the financial climate and look for ways to make sure our students and their families get the best possible value from that investment, Valentine added.

Culver-Stockton College is also proud to offer students and their families a wide array of scholarships, grants and other assistance to help make college more affordable.

More than 90 percent of Culver-Stockton students receive financial aid.

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