Trying to find an apartment for rent in Quincy can be a little difficult

When it comes to finding an apartment for rent in Quincy, some people have no trouble. While others have quite the search in locating a place to live.

Because of that, there are now some developers in Quincy that are building new rental units and apartment buildings.

Justin Wollbrink is one of them. He said from the people he's talked with in the past, he knew there was a need for new good quality rental units in the Quincy area. Ones that were affordable and ones that were close to the downtown area. He said he knows there are waiting lists for some rentals and he wanted to add to the inventory.

"I think there is a need in the downtown for traditional family housing, apartment housing. There's really no traditional complexes here in the downtown. It's all loft and stuff and I think the interest would definitely be in, to live in traditional apartment setting downtown in the historic business district," Wollbrink said.

There are several complexes in the city that can accommodate a large number of renters. Megan Backs is project manager with the Great River Economic Development Foundation and she said when a person begins their search for an apartment, it's more than just looking in the classifieds.

"I definitely think we could use some growth, from the standpoint of adding apartment units as we move forward. Especially if there is an influx of new jobs, new opportunities for the community, then it would be helpful to have slow growth of new units in the area," Backs said.

Both Wollbrink and Backs agree that there can be more rental units developed in the city. They say affordably is a big key to who can rent the rental units and if the developer can make a profit once they're built.