Truckloads of storm debris headed for Hannibal's Main Street

Volunteers jump in to help in debris removal

Hannibal residents continue to haul mounds of storm debris away from their homes and into a city-wide dump pile.

The city of Hannibal made way for a dump site on south Main Street, just south of Bear Creek, this week after an EF1 tornado ripped through town Monday evening. Emergency Management Director John Hark says the north side of town received the brunt of the damage, including damage to homes and businesses. You can see aerial video of the damage



Power is slowly returning to homes in Hannibal. Early Wednesday some 4,000 homes were without power.

The Hannibal Board of Public Works repaired its Indian Mounds substation by mid-afternoon restoring power to another 1,500 to 2,000 homes, according to BPW spokeswoman Cindy Livesay. Workers are now focused on repairing the last remaining substation that's still offline.

About 85 electrical workers are currently in Hannibal assisting in the effort to get the city back online.

The city has a mutual aid agreements through the Missouri Public Utility Alliance. Utility workers from about 10 other municipalities are helping in the recovery effort.

Livesay stressed that once the substations and main lines are repaired the focus will shift to localized neighborhood outages.

Residents can dispose of snapped trees and other storm-related debris at the south Main site for free. City workers also will continue to collect tree debris curbside over the next few weeks, but residents are asked to put the debris on the paved street and not in the grass.

Hannibal resident Shawn Nichols says he spent Tuesday driving seven truckloads to the site and spent Wednesday morning hauling another three loads. Nichols says he's grateful the city is allowing residents the space to clear away the damage.

The power is also back on at County Market in Hannibal, which means that residents can begin to restock their supplies before the weekend hits. General necessities and dry goods will be available by 5 p.m. Wednesday and meat should be available by Friday.