Tri-States group reacts to Ferguson shooting

Courtesy: MGNOnline

Ferguson, Missouri is about two hours away from the Tri-States, but what transpired there has hit home for some area residents.

A group called CARE meets every Tuesday night at John Wood Community College.

CARE stands for Citizens Advocating Racial Equality.

"It could've been my son," CARE member Viola Majors said. "I feel for the parents."

Majors is angry about the death of a black Ferguson teenager last weekend. She said a similar case could happen in our own backyards.

"No one realizes the racial tension that is here," Majors said.

Reggie Coleman chairs the Quincy Human Rights Commission.

He has been following a number of cases across the country in which black citizens have died or been hurt at the hands of police. He wants answers.

"I personally don't understand what's going on with law enforcement, but this needs to stop," Coleman said. "The story in Ferguson right now is all the rioting and people looting stores. That has become the story. That's really not the story. The essence of the story is that law enforcement is out of control."

"It's a story of how white America doesn't live in the same world as black America and so it takes something like this to make us realize that something is wrong," CARE member Father Joe Zimmerman said.

"There needs to be a discussion about a retraining of these officers going to sensitivity training," Coleman said.

CARE meets at 7 p.m. every Tuesday night and discusses race relations in the Tri-States.

The meetings are open to the public.