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      Tri-State woman to finish Boston Marathon this year

      Last year's Boston Marathon bombings won't keep a Tri-State woman from running her heart out this year.

      Palmyra resident and avid runner Jeri Conboy was four blocks away from the Boston Marathon finish line last year when the bombs detonated.

      She never got to finish.

      Now, Conboy plans to return to Bean Town again this year, this time, to finish her race.

      Conboy will run her third Boston Marathon on Monday, which is also known as the State of Massachusett's Patriots' Day.

      Do you have any reservations?

      "No. I have no reservations at all. I'm not concerned about my personal safety. The only reservation is the same reservation I have every time I stand at the starting line of a marathon, and that's, 'wow, 26.2 miles is a long way,'" Conboy said. "I hope I can finish."

      Runners must qualify for the Boston Marathon, and that has not been a problem for Conboy who's run two marathons since last year's Boston Marathon.

      Why do you do want to do this?

      "It makes me feel good. It makes me feel invincible," Conboy explained. "It makes me feel like I can accomplish whatever I set out to do!"

      Conboy said she's received a lot of communication from organizers of the Boston Marathon so far, including information about this year's changes in security.

      "Really, it's more changes about what we can take with us to the start line," Conboy said.

      She's kept all her memorabilia, including her race bibs. Conboy showed KHQA a recovery cape and said, "This is what they give you when you finish the race. It keeps in your body heat so that you won't get cold."

      Boston Marathon runners receive medals for crossing the finish line.

      "They gave us the option, those of us who didn't finish, of whether we wanted our medal or not," she said. "I really debated a long time cause I didn't feel like I earned it."

      Conboy says 36,000 athletes run in the Boston Marathon. Her wave starts at 11 a.m. on Monday.

      Erin Mellon from Quincy also qualified for the Boston Marathon and plans to run in the event next week.