Tri-State towns benefit from class action suit

Some Tri-State towns will see some green from a recent class-action lawsuit surrounding water quality.

Agricultural chemical company Syngenta will pay cities and towns across the Midwest 105 million dollars for contaminating water supplies with the herbicide atrazine.

Click here to see a map of the atrazine contamination.

This includes many communities in our area...including Pittsfield, Macomb and Carthage. According to Tri-State Public Radio, Warsaw, Hamilton, Nauvoo, La Harpe, Blandinsville, Vermont, and Canton also received money from the suit.

linked to the chemical, which it will continue to sell.

While some see it as an unexpected windfall, other towns say its a drop in the bucket compared with what they've spent dealing with the weed killer in their water supplies.

In all, the settlement money will go to community water systems that serve more than 37 million Americans, mostly in farming states.

Syngenta AG is a swiss agri-business chemical maker committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology.

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