Tri-State student builds solar panel

Many students hope to leave their mark and be remembered at their schools for years to come.

One Tri-State student has succeeded in that.

He has created a solar panel that has helped Concord Triopia High School "go green", and save some green.

KHQA's Jarod Wells checked it out.

Concord Triopia High School sophomore Adam Kircher said, "I like it because it can stay here for a while and I know the school can just keep reusing it. Hopefully they won't need any help working on it, it can just help the school with their costs."

Adam Kircher considers himself an average science student. To hear his teachers talk, it's no surprise he built a solar panel the school can actually use.

Concord Triopia science teacher Ed Anderson said, "He's a go-getter when you give him a project. Since I've taught him, he's impressed me with his abilities and interests.

Concord Triopia agriculture teacher Blaine Hartwick said, "He is a wonderful student, anything I ask him to do, it's going to be done. It's not just going to get done, I know it's going to be done right."

Adam received a grant for $696 from the regional school superintendent's office. The project ended up costing only $380 because Adam was able to use some old windows the school had replaced.

Anderson said, "It's designed to heat a single room, and so the additional heat, first of all, won't create any carbon dioxide, no fossil fuels are used, and it's free heat. Once you get past the initial outlay of the project, so it should help the school reduce costs."

Sunlight hits the tin panels that have been spray-painted black. It will move from the panel through a pipe that still needs to be installed, then into the classroom.

Anderson said, "There's rooms that these can be added to in the future."

Adam has used this project to fill supervised agriculture experience credits needed for his ag class. He hopes this project will jump-start his future career as an agronomist.

Kircher said, "Well, hopefully people will know it, they'll see it and maybe it'll help me out and get a job."

The school district isn't sure how much money this solar panel will save.

If it's successful, the district could use more of them.

Adam Kircher and his project have advanced to the Future Farmers of America district competition for ag mechanics energy systems.