Tri-State stores won't sell controversial Rolling Stone issue

Hy-Vee stores, Walgreens and CVS stores in the Tri-States are not going to put the August 2013 issue of Rolling Stone magazine on their shelves.

The issue is the photo on its cover.

The Rolling Stone cover shows a photo of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev along with the words, "The Bomber".

The story, "Jahar's World," was written by Janet Reitman. Here's a list of other articles written by Reitman.

Words like "offensive" and "shocking" are being used to describe the magazine cover.

These local businesses are not alone in their decision. Retailers across the nation are making a similar choice and the polarizing issue has caused some readers to boycott the magazine.

Comments are rolling in on every social media site.

We asked if readers agree or disagree with the business's decision to pull this issue of Rolling Stone. Here are a few of the responses.

"An article is one thing, but to glorify a murderer on the cover is outrageous and most disrespectful to the people he either killed or maimed for life," Sherry Peterson wrote in the KHQA Facebook thread.

Brian Steele wrote, "Yes. Keep all of the idiots out of the news. Most of them do it for our attention. I feel that if we were to keep it out if the papers and off the news we would see less of this. They can't send a message if the message doesn't get sent."

"I think we are grown adults and chose for ourselves. Censorship....." Chris Brocksmith wrote.

Ian Carroll wrote, "Disagree, as much as it was a horrible event it is now part of American history."

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