Tri-State residents with ties to the Peoria area

Damage around Angela's cousin's home in Pekin, Ill.

State officials say the Central Illinois community of Washington was one of the hardest hit by Sunday's storms.

At least one tornado touched down in Peoria, Washington and Pekin, Ill.

Quincy Public School teacher Sheri Wolfmeyer's mother lives in Washington.

Wolfmeyer said her mother's home is destroyed but that she and her dog are ok.

Wolfmeyer is going to Washington on Monday to sort through the debris.

Another Tri-States resident, Angela Riley, lives in Fort Madison, Iowa but is from Peoria, Ill.

Most of her family still lives in the Peoria, Pekin and Marquette Heights areas.

She said when she heard the news she was speechless and then immediately called her family. Riley's family is safe, but some of their homes did receive damage.

Riley's cousin's family got lucky.

"I did find out my cousin who lives in Pekin, the tornado I guess skipped her house and got the other houses in her area," Angela Riley said. "But thank goodness she's okay and her family and her kids are okay. They were one of the fortunate families that didn't sustain any damage to their homes."

Riley said her family still can't believe what happened.

"They just couldn't believe, especially Washington. I know when I called my mother, my mother's mother-in-law lives down in the Washington area and she just couldn't believe that pretty much everything was wiped out," Riley said.

Riley said her family's next step is to support everyone in the area. One of her cousins is taking donations and her uncle owns a bar and is giving out free meals to those displaced by the storm.