Tri-state resident featured in People

You usually find many celebrities in People magazine. But you can find a Tri-State resident's face and story in this week's issue.

Jennifer Larkin from Nauvoo is featured on page 98 as part of the magazine's weight loss success stories.

Larkin lost 45 pounds within about six to 7 months after joining Weight Watchers a year ago this January.

KHQA talked with her on the phone Wednesday afternoon.

She told us she entered a Weight Watchers weight loss contest. She didn't win, but she was selected by People to appear in this week's issue.

Magazine staff visited her home right before Thanksgiving for a photo shot.

Larkin joined Weight Watchers last January because she wanted to surprise her husband, who's stationed overseas.

Larkin told us when he came home for a visit last July, he didn't even recognize her at the airport.

You can find her story on new stands now. Our congratulations go out to Jennifer.