Tri-State native brutally attacked, on road to recovery

53-year-old Wade Ridley is accused of brutally beating, stabbing, and robbing Mary Kay Beckman. / KHQA file photo

A Tri-States native is recovering physically and emotionally after a vicious assault.

Former Quincy resident, Mary Kay Beckman, was attacked by a man she used to date. He left her for dead outside of her home in Las Vegas.

But Beckman says she's not letting this get her down. Only one month since a brutal attack, Mary Kay Beckman says she's on the road to recovery, thanks to prayers and the support of her friends and family.

Mary Kay said, "I am doing amazingly well. I had a setback with an infection and will have to have one more surgery in three to four months work. The doctor did tell me that I could do a few hours of work a day."

Mary Kay moved to Las Vegas several years ago to work in real estate. But her life was almost cut short on January 21st.

Neighbor Hsuemi-Mei Yeh saw the horrifying attack from her upstairs window and called 9-1-1.

Yeh said, "I heard screaming. Only one. I saw the guy bend up and holding something in his hand. Bam, bam, bam, eight times. I was counting. So I called 911."

The suspect stabbed Beckman repeatedly with a knife and stomped on her head several times.

Yeh said, "All I could see is bleeding everywhere. All I could see is her two eyes."

The crime went unsolved until February 13th, when police caught Wade Ridley, in Las Vegas. Investigators believe he savagely stabbing an ex-girlfriend to death with a machete and butcher knife in Arizona.

After his arrest in that case, Ridley admitted he tried to kill Beckman. They had met online at match dot com and dated a few days before she broke it off. Ridley told police he was furious about the break-up. According to an arrest report, he...quote..."wanted to kill her, he wanted her to die."

But he didn't. Beckman says she still has a long way to go, and she appreciates the support of all her family and friends back home in Quincy and northeast Missouri.

Mary Kay said, "I really appreciate all of the prayers and cards that people have sent. It means so much to me. I'm not going to let this get me down."

Ridley faces a long list of charges in the attack against Beckman, including attempted murder, burglary, robbery, mayhem with a deadly weapon and battery. He also faces extradition to Arizona for murder charges.

Mary Kay does face a long road to recovery. There is a website set up for donations to help with her medical bills. Click here to help.