Tri-State man helps hometown after Harvey's flood

Countless homes need to have the furniture, carpet and other household items removed to start the cleanup after Harvey's devastating flooding.

Nick Pearson, originally from the Houston area, now works in Quincy.

He volunteered his time to go and help recovery efforts in his hometown following Hurricane Harvey.

Flood water damaged countless homes across the area.

One of the tasks that Pearson helped with was demolition work and removing damaged material from multiple homes.

“The first house I went into, it was just an elderly couple that had been in that house for 47 years,” Pearson said. “They had a foot and a half of water in their house. So me and a couple of friends went in there and removed all the carpet that we could, and removed all the furniture that we could.”

Pearson said the experience was humbling.

It was something that brought the entire community together, helping one another.

“You were standing next to anyone you can think of. a teenage boy, an old man. it didn't matter if you were black, white, democrat or republican, you were helping each other,” Pearson said. “That's what it was all about."

Pearson says the people desperately need your help after many people lost everything.

He said you could volunteer your time to help cleanup, or donate to relief organizations.

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