Tri-State groups lend Joplin helping hand

Brett Willimann just got back from a mission trip to Joplin with the Quincy Church of Christ. The 17-year-old says what he saw changed his life forever.

Willimann said, "You can't imagine the damage until you're there. It's something you have to see."

The Church of Christ Youth mission team is one of dozens of Tri-State groups making a difference in Joplin.

Youth minister Tim Harting is leading a group of seven high school students with the Macomb Crossing. He says what these teenagers saw has changed them.

Harting said, "You could have heard a pin drop in the van. Everyone was in awe of the devastation here in Joplin."

JD Shelton said, "I felt like God was calling me to do it and help out the community and help the people who are hurting."

They're doing everything from debris clean-up to reconstruction. But whatever it is, volunteers say they're learning more about themselves in the process.

Harting said, "In an act of obedience to what Christ wants us to do, we want to be the hands and feet."

Volunteers like those from the Macomb Crossing have plenty of work left to do here. The destruction in Joplin stretches as far as the eye can see. What the city needs are helping hands and open hearts to get back on its feet.