Tri-State donations headed for Joplin

Donations from you here in the Tri-States are on their way to the tornado victims in Joplin.

For the last view days you've been helping us fill up this truck outside of our studio with donations to help them.

We were able to get quite a bit of donations in there to add to the relief effort to the devastated area.

The truck pulled out of the Doors and More parking lot around 6PM Saturday bound for Joplin.

DOT Foods donated the truck and a DOT Foods driver is donating his time to drive the truck down there.

Kenny Blentlinger says DOT drivers through the Joplin area several times a week, that's why he volunteered to haul the donations.

"I was close to there Sunday night when it all came through. I just hear it on the radio. I just felt the urge that something needed to be done. The ball started rolling, we started calling people, more and more people got involved. It's worked out to where we're here now," Blentlinger said.

Kenny Blentlinger was making a stop in Mt. Sterling to pick up another load of things donated by people there and was then heading to Joplin to get your donations there as soon as possible.