Tri-State community finally gets grocery store

Louisiana residents await the grand opening of a new County Market grocery store

The people of Louisiana, Missouri have been without a grocery store for almost two years now, but that's all about to change.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to welcome shoppers to the new County Market Grocery Store at the Twin Pike Shopping Center. Residents from the area say they are excited to have the grocery store in town, because having to travel to shop was a challenge.

"We would have to travel to Troy or Bowling Green, and thatâ??s what we did, it makes shopping a little harder,â?? Dale Miller said. Miller lives in the area and had to travel 10 miles or more to do his shopping.

The $3 million dollar store was paid for by Niemann Foods and occupies an old Kroger grocery building.

John Nickell is the County Market store director, but also a resident of Louisiana. He says it was a shock that the old store closed.

"It was disbelief, it was hard for folks here in town to realize that the grocery store is actually leaving," Nickell said.

At six o'clock, customers flooded the entrance to begin what should be a long shopping relationship.

Mary Wagner was the store's first paying customer, so what did she think of the new store?

"Itâ??s beautiful, we came and saw there was a produce, which is always a pretty thing to look at," Wagner said.

What was Wagnerâ??s first purchase?

"Water and pudding, because I had a rain check on the pudding from Hannibal,â?? Wagner said.

Nickell says while it took awhile to complete the negotiations to open the store, the day has finally come.

He is excited for not only himself, but the town of Louisiana as well.

The County Market is located at the Twin Pike Shopping center and will be open seven days a week.