Tri-State Catholics honor 120 years since Father Augustus Tolton passed

Area Catholics gather at St. Peter Cemetery in Quincy where Father Tolton is buried.

Sunday marked the 120th anniversary of Father Augustus Tolton's death, the nation’s first African American Priest.

Area Catholics honored him with a pilgrimage from his statue to his grave at St. Peter Cemetery.

For Dennis Holbrook, Father Augustus Tolton holds a special place in his heart.

He recently turned to Tolton in a time of need when his daughter became sick.

"The love of a man that is saintly. That I have had a devotion to for the last five months--prayed for healing for a daughter that was ill. The love of his life has touched me," said Holbrook."

Becoming a saint is no easy process.

"The church looks into the life of the person, looking into the historical circumstances of them. Looking at all the writings that exist that they left behind. Looking to see if there is any sign of a lack of holiness or holiness," Catholic Priest Father Daren Zehnle said."

It can take anywhere from a few years, to decades, or even centuries.

The next step to sainthood is to prove Father Tolton performed two miracles during his lifetime.

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