Treat your outside like your inside with a unique barbecue

With Memorial Weekend just days away, and Summer close behind, the time comes for barbecues.

With Memorial Weekend just days away, and Summer close behind, the time comes for barbecues.

Rather than sticking with the typical barbeque, you can jazz it up without doing or spending a lot.

When you think of a barbecue, images of hotdogs and hamburgers might come to mind.

But that doesn't mean your get together needs to be like the rest.

Not only can you bring some new style into it, but it's an easy fix.

Kris Kutcher is a co-op member at District Designs, and thinks it's nice to treat your invited guests to a special event.

"So many times we go to parties or we have parties and have people over and we want to make it individual and special for those people, just because it's a much more hospitable way of welcoming your friends," Kutcher said.

Whatever you're serving, incorporating unique serving dishes into your meal can make a lasting impression, as well as fruity summer cocktails.

"What we like to do is we like to take fresh herbs from our garden, let's say rosemary, and make a simple syrup, which is one cup of sugar, and one cup of water," said Kutcher. "Put it on your stove and boil it down so it becomes a liquid, and it makes this beautiful simple syrup for whatever kind of beverage that you like to have."

When you take a look at your patio furniture cushions, if they look outdated, they're easily replaceable.

Sewing a new cover for it is easy, and it allows you to customize the look yourself.

Chris Taylor is another co-op member, and he says customizing is simple and doesn't have to cost much.

"It's very easy to pick out a fabric that you love and pick out the foam that you need, or use the cushions that you already have, and recover them," Taylor said. "And the best part is you so save so much money that next year, if your new favorite color is fuchsia, you can go make fuchsia covered cushions."

Other easy adjustments include adding new lighting to your outdoor setting.

Ideas like these make your celebration special and one to remember.

"For very little money and very little time, you can really do some very special, simple things and make it feel new and fresh, and treat your outside like your inside," said Taylor.

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