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      Travel safe this Labor Day weekend

      The Labor Day holiday starts tomorrow and that means roads are going to be packed with travelers.

      The last unofficial weekend of summer is upon us.

      The Labor Day holiday starts Friday and that means roads are going to be packed with travelers.

      Local authorities from Missouri and Illinois say this weekend is one of the busiest of the year.

      "A lot of people are going to be taking part in a lot of outdoor activities. Many of those activities could include alcohol and we ask people to be responsible and if alcohol is part of their plans they choose a sober designated driver," Sgt. Brent Bernhardt, of the Missouri Highway Patrol, said.

      They encourage drivers to be cautious on and off the roads.

      "Slow down, share the road and make sure you take plenty of time to arrive at your destination and make sure that people know the route of travel that you're taking," Trooper Mike Kindhart, of the Illinois State Police, said.

      Both the Illinois State Police and the Missouri State Highway patrol will have increased officers on the roadway this weekend.