Trap shooting togetherness raises funds for Camp Callahan

QHS student's trap shoot to raise money for a good cause

A group of Quincy Senior High School students held a fundraiser at the Quincy Gun Club to raise money for Camp Callahan Sunday.

It's all a part of Quincy's Spring Leadership class requirements for its students.

It can be difficult for parents to find hobbies to do with their kids. But not for Paul Lenz and his daughter Jordan.

For almost four years, Paul and Jordan have gone trap shooting together.

"I was doing it. I got her to try it. She enjoyed it and its really escalated. There are several youth leagues in the area and it's a very good sport," Paul Lenz said.

Trap shooting quickly become one of Jordan's favorite things to do.

"It's the love of the sport. It's going out there and just feeling powerful. Because you do something that, just not everybody else does and you see your instant results and you're proud of yourself at the end of the day," Jordan Lenz said.

When Jordan found out she needed to host a fundraiser for a school project, she decided to hold it at her favorite shooting range.

"We're in a Spring Leadership class at Quincy High School and we have to do an outreach project for our community. And we chose to do a trap shoot because we're involved in trap shooting and we're also involved with Camp Callahan."

Jordan said trap shooting is a pretty easy sport to get the hang of.

"Well, we go out on the line and you say, you have your gun and you say pull, and an orange bird comes out and you shoot at it, it's a target," Jordan Lenz said.

For her fundraiser, Jordan decided to make the rules of the event simple, so it would be fun and easy for everybody.

"We'll be doing 10 bird shoots and they pick the yardage what they choose to go out. And we'll do buddy shoots at the 27 yard line and those are also 10 bird shoots," Jordan Lenz said. "You each go out at your station, there are five stations and then you'll have two birds you shoot. And then the next person goes and then you'll do it one more time and then whoever gets the most, either wins or you do a tie breaker."

Paul Lenz said he's happy that he found a sport that he can share and cherish with his daughter.

"It's just a very good sport. And to have your father and daughter be able to come out here and do it and, you know there's fathers and sons," Paul Lenz said. "There's going to be a great gathering here today."

All of the proceeds from the fundraiser were donated to Camp Callahan.