Transitions begins floral service

Transitions is getting into the floral business.

Wednesday we caught up with some workers at the organization's vocational program at the Community Rehabilitation Center.

It provides work opportunities to people with developmental and physical disabilities.

Right now clients do things like build pallets and run a linen service. The new flower shop called "Transitions Floral," offers clients a way to develop new skills, which can lead to community employment.

Trainees work under a trained floral designer, to create works of art like this out of flowers.

Sean Eifert, Director of Production and Sales at CRC said, "We've contracted with a gentleman who specializes in unique architectural floral designs and have created several options for Valentines Day."

The service is picking up just in time for Valentine's Day.

Clients are learning how to start a business, create the artworks and deliver the finished products.

For more information on how you can purchase an arrangement, log onto the Transitions Website or call 217-224-2194 to place an order.