Traffic law changes coming January first

Be sure you know the laws that take effect January 1, 2014.

In the coming days, it'll be a new year, and there are a slew of new traffic laws that go into effect on January first.


The one you may recognize most is the speed limit on rural interstates in Illinois. Starting Wednesday, the speed limit will jump from 65 to 70.

Another important new law is the banishment of all handheld cell phones while driving. In order to stay within the law, you'll have to use a hands-free Bluetooth device. Learn more about picking out a Bluetooth device by

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. You can talk on your cell phone if you're safely pulled onto the shoulder.

Illinois State Trooper Mike Kindhart reminds all drivers to be aware of the new laws, no matter where you live. "Usually you know the laws that are in your own state, but it's going to another state. There's nothing wrong with going to a website like the Secretary of State, they are all very common, very general names that you can go to," he said.

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With the new laws comes new penalties, too. To learn more,

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The state of Missouri doesn't have a cell phone ban, but it does block drivers under the age of 21 from texting.

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The state of Iowa is looking to keep new drivers safe behind the wheel in 2014.

New drivers will be required to carry their instruction permit to 12 months. That is an increase of six months and it goes into effect for any driver applying for an intermediate license after January first.

Also, any driver with an intermediate license is limited to one unrelated minor passenger during their first six months with their license. This new law also goes into effect for any driver applying for an intermediate license after January first. Read more here.

The use of cell phones is banned for drivers with restricted or intermediate licenses and all drivers are banned from texting behind the wheel.

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