Toy Town gifts under the tree thanks to you

We want to thank everyone who donated to the Salvation Army's Toy Town campaign.

The Salvation Army along with Refreshment Services Pepsi and KHQA teamed up and collected hundreds of toys for children across the Tri-States.

Members of the Quincy Salvation Army distributed some of those toys Wednesday, along with food baskets.

They will continue handing out the toys Thursday.

"So throughout the course of today and tomorrow we will see just over a thousand families in Quincy and in Hannibal coming in for their gifts, so today is the big day, this is what we have been building up to and leading up to and it is our privilege to be able to serve the people of Quincy in this way," Major Dan Jennings with the Quincy Salvation Army said.

Thanks to your generosity hundreds of children will wake up on Christmas morning with toys under the tree.