Toss old car seats for the safety of your kids

Hundreds of unsafe car seats have been taken off the road.

Safe Kids Adams County collected more than 250 car seats Saturday afternoon.

People who threw away their car seats received a $10 gift card to Kohl's.

You should throw away your car seat if it is six years old or more, hass been in a crash, or was purchased used.

After six years, there is no guarantee it will hold your child safely.

Jan Hummel with Safe Kids Adams County says, "It's extremely important, Our children are our most valuable possessions. And we need to ensure they are riding as safely as possible each and every time they get in a vehicle. And obviously people are getting our message because they're getting rid of their old car seats, knowing they shouldn't be using them after a certain amount of time."

Allied Waste needed to bring in a second dumpster because so many people disposed of their unsafe car seats.

Every month, Safe Kids Adams County puts on a car seat check-up.

If you're unsure if your child is fastened in correctly, you are strongly encouraged to attend.

The next one is Friday, May 13th.

It will be located at the Central Fire Station in Quincy from 4 to 6 p.m.