Tornado confirmed in Clark County

Missouri sky as the April 25th storm hit

Some folks in the Northeastern part of our viewing area are waking up to damaged plants, downed trees and much more Thursday morning after a severe thunderstorm passed through the Tri-States Wednesday night.

The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities confirmed that a tornado struck parts of Clark County, Mo. about 8:05 p.m. Wednesday. In addition to large hail, several residents complained of damaged buildings and cars throughout the county.

Sarah Brooks works at the Dollar General store in Kahoka and was inside the building when the storm rolled through the area. "

When we came out I was surprised at what it had done to my car. There was glass everywhere. And the hail sounded terrible. I thought the roof might come off. We got down in the middle of the store with pillows over our heads

," Brooks said.

The storm brought on high winds, downpours and large hail.

We received photos from Independence, Missouri to Liberty, Illinois and golf ball sized hail and interesting clouds looming seemed to be the common theme.

Overall damage varied widely from broken windows to damaged screens and holes in siding.


Yeah the wind came up pretty quick and I didn't have a chance to get to the basement hardly. Blew a window in on the north end of the house and it kind of went from there.

I was just thankful to be alive the way things looked out here

," Keith Wilson said. Wilson lives about seven miles southwest of Kahoka off of Highway Y.

Besides the damage to his house, Wilson also said there was damage this his grain bins, a shed and several trees.

Take a look at some of the viewer submitted photos and make sure you let us know how the weather affected you.

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