Top dogs in Missouri transportation talk local road projects

Representatives from the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission traveled to Hannibal Wednesday morning.

They heard from several groups from Northeast Missouri during their monthly meeting that was held in Hannibal.

Commission members heard presentations on the Hannibal Expressway and the possible upgrade of U-S 54 from Louisiana all the way to Mexico.

Right now, MoDOT says there isn't a lot of new money for construction projects and that's causing them to be in more of a maintenance mode with roads and bridges.

"We have been restaffing and reorganizing our facilities across the district so we can continue to provide good services to the transportation users of Missouri," MoDOT District Engineer Paula Gough said. "But there are a lot of unfunded needs and challenges moving forward."

One of the points brought up during the meeting was that along the avenue of the saints, there are only seven stoplights on the highway between St .Louis and St. Paul. All seven of them are in the Hannibal vicinity.