Tom Sawyer (REALLY) presents special gift to city of Hannibal

The city of Hannibal has received a very special gift from ...Tom Sawyer.

On Tuesday night, Troy Michigan native Tom Sawyer II presented a special flag to the Hannibal City Council.

Sawyer and his son Tom Sawyer III both participated in the fence painting contest a couple of years ago.

Sawyer says he is proud the carry the name of Mark Twain's most famous character.

He also says he has been welcomed by the community and is in awe of being in Hannibal during National Tom Sawyer Days.

"I love this community," Sawyer said. " I love its residents and I think that it's form of government is absolutely fantastic for allowing this festival, I call it a festival to continue."

You can see the flag for yourself. It is flying over National Tom Sawyer Days at the Avenue of Flags on Broadway.

Sawyer and his family have been coming to the event since 2010.

Hannibal City Manager Jeff LaGarce says the city is also looking at options to display the flag permanently.