Tolls going up on Fort Madison bridge

Tolls to cross the Fort Madison toll bridge into Illinois are going up.

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, which owns the bridge, is increasing tolls March 1st.

Currently drivers of cars and pickups pay a $1 toll, but this will go up to $2 on March 1. The current $2 toll for cars and pickups with a trailer will go up to $3 and the $4 toll bus drivers now pay will increase to $5. Drivers of recreational vehicles and campers now pay $2, but will pay $3, effective March 1.

Drivers of trucks and utility vehicles now pay $2 per axle and this toll will go up to $3 per axle (excluding the front axle).

Motorcycle drivers now pay a 50-cent toll, but will be charged a $1 charge as of March 1.

Tractor-trailer combinations (semis) are not allowed on the bridge and signs stating this are posted on the nearby roadways.

The current toll rates have been in place since the late 1990s and BNSF Railway officials say the toll revenue covers the maintenance costs on the highway portion of the bride.

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