Todd Akin in Hannibal

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin made a campaign stop in Hannibal on Wednesday afternoon.

The stop was to press the differences between himself and Claire McCaskill.

Todd Akin is running against Claire McCaskill for the senate seat she has held for four years.

Akin says if elected he will take a different approach than his opponent to solving the nation's problems.

"I'm saying take some of the stuff Washington is doing, spit it back to the states or free enterprise, reduce the size the federal government , reduce taxes, increase jobs and increase freedom and that's really been the heart of our campaign," Akin said.

KHQA was contacted by the McCaskill campaign who disputes some of the claims by Congressman Akin in the complete interview above.

The McCaskill campaign sent in the following response: "It's bad enough that Todd Akin would attack Claire's family, it's worse that he is now basing his entire campaign on a lie. Todd Akin's attacks have been proven false and he knows it."

Voters will make their choice on November 6th.