Tires flattened on Quincy's Bayview Bridge

A total of three cars suffered flat tires as a result of the debris.

Some Tri-State commuters may now need new tires after driving over the Bayview Bridge Thursday.

KHQA spoke to one unlucky driver from Kansas City who lost both tires on the passenger side of his truck.

He told us metal was sticking out from an expansion joint on the bridge.

He also said his truck was one of three that hit the metal.

Traffic was backed up on Broadway in Quincy for about a half an hour.

Drivers who had flattened tires were asked to pull over near Third Street.

Police put up barricades around the debris until it can be removed.

Use caution in the area as crews work.

KHQA also spoke with the Illinois Department of Transportation about the joint.

We were told there was already a plan in place to replace the joints this year.

Bids should go out next month.