Tips to beat summer heat

The temperature is climbing in the Tri-states. Below are a few tips to remember while trying to beat the heat.

- Wear light-weight, light colored clothing- Apply sunscreen before and during outdoor activities- Stay well hydrated by drinking water- Be sure that your pet has a constant source of shade and access to water- Limit activity to the coolest part of the day

"Temperatures these last several days have been well above average ok, normally we come in around the lower eighties with our daytime highs but we've been up around ninety degrees, slightly warmer than average, plus it TMs been very humid and that's where the problem comes in," KHQA Chief Meteorogist Mike Cole said.

The humidity is making it feel hotter than what it actually is.

Another tip to beat the heat, is to go to a cool place like the Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center, the Quincy Kroc Center and Family Services Office or Hannibal's Admiral Coontz Armory.

Check on each other, especially elderly neighbors.

"They don't have a lot of friends and family that check on them so it is important if your neighbor is elderly check on them maybe once a day while its real hot, you can call them, go visit them, to make sure they are ok, it is important because a lot of times they don't have as much interaction with the outside of their home as the rest of us," Brenda Fleming of the West Central Illinois Case Coordiantion Unit, said.

Tell us what you're doing to beat the heat! Post your comments below.