Tips on how to prepare your college dorm room

Shopping for college can be hard but let's make it easy.

First, get a checklist, which will become your cheat sheet for the next four years.

And from that list, identify what you need.

We live in a technology driven age says Dale Wilson, the general manager, of Bed, Bath and Beyond, and up first we have gizmos and gadgets.

"We have power cells, it seems like everybody's phone, you are using it so much that the batteries can't keep up, we have power cells you can plug in on the go, to recharge your phone so that you get twice as much power or more as far as that goes," Wilson said.

Second, maximize space because a college student will not have a lot of it.

"It TMs important just from the standpoint, there's just so little of the space, you need to make the most of it, the more you can get in there, the better it TMs going to make life for you as you spend those college years," Wilson said.

And last but not least, the bed.

"In the dorm room, the bed is the single most, the biggest piece of furniture you have actually in the room as far as that goes, so it TMs some place where you are going to sleep, also going to use as a couch, just going to hang out on it as far as that goes, you really want it to be a comfortable area for you to hang out and sleep on," Wilson said.

The bed is important because a student will spend a lot of time on it. Investing in bedding now will protect your future. It will insure a good night's rest, which college students rarely get.

Back to school shopping again can be difficult but if you have a game plan, you will come out ahead.

Bed, Bath and Beyond has the checklist for nearly every college, you can find those here .